We provide a full range of PTS accredited personnel, from general labourers, carpenters and painters through to highly skilled tunnel bricklayers and tree surgeons. Our teams have worked on leading rail projects across the South East and Central London, including the Cross Rail Project, and many major platform upgrades throughout the rail system. We take responsibility for recruiting people who are prepared to work hard, take pride in doing a good job and have a proactive approach to solving problems. Our dedicated workforce is always in high demand, which means their skills stay sharp and we can guarantee the quality of their work.


We are proud to provide labour for a broad range of construction projects of all sizes throughout the UK. Our bank of highly-skilled craftsmen include bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, joiners, steel fixers, concreters, slinger/signalers and general labourers. In addition, we supply site supervisors and technical teams alongside experienced plant operators. Like our rail teams, our construction staff are highly sought after for the quality of their work and their proactive attitude.


Beyond the rail industry we have provided labour to support work on the London Tramlink and the London Underground. Using our experience of the rail industry, we provided protection supervisors to oversee all aspects of development on the projects. We aim to keep our teams in constant work so their skills remain sharp for every new job they are contracted on.

AW Labour