About Us


AW Rail are trusted by the rail industry to deliver exceptional work on a whole range of construction and maintenance projects throughout the South East. We are reliable partners, renowned for our responsive and proactive approach. We always look for innovative solutions, stay up to date with the latest technologies and we never compromise on quality or safety.


Our success is built around our exceptional team who have years of experience working specifically on the railways. They share our ethic for completing work efficiently to the highest possible standard. By working with a trusted core of craftsmen and technical staff our team are always in high demand so we can guarantee the quality of their work across every project.


Safety is of paramount importance to AWRail and the senior management team take personal responsibility for ensuring health and safety is integrated into every aspect of our work. We rigorously check that all our team have the correct Personal Track Safety tickets alongside the relevant experience to complete work to the high standard we except. We’re also one of the few rail construction companies who have invested in the Southern Shield Charter and continuously look to raise the bar in relation to rail construction safety.

AW Rail