General Construction

Our services stretch across all disciplines of the rail industry, where we work in partnership with contractors to ensure civils work is completed within tight deadlines to an exceptional standard. Our core tradesmen, technicians and operatives can be deployed at short notice to manage a range of projects from tunnel and arch brickworks to concreting, steel works and painting. We source all plant, tool hire and building materials and also supply IPAF-trained staff to manage mobile elevating work platforms.

RRV Access Point and Platform Extension

Our attention to detail extends across every service we provide, including RRV access point installation and the construction of platform extensions. We’ll work alongside our partners right from the planning stages, through to excavation and construction, to minimize disruption. We have completed countless fencing projects and are used to working with modular concreting and laying tactile paving surfaces on platforms.

Vegetation Clearing and Pest Control

We carry the relevant accreditation to complete very specific clearance and control work for the rail industry. Our team includes experienced rope workers, licensed tree surgeons and we hold the required clearance to carry out the removal of Japanese Knotweed and other controlled vegetation. We can also install pigeon spikes and nets and have worked with rail companies to eliminate rats and other pests.

Emergency Call Out

We have teams on standby to respond quickly to emergency call out works. Our emergency can be ready to respond within 2 hours of receiving a call and can help with everything from emergency brick work repairs to fallen vegetation. With offices just 45 minutes from the M25 we can easily get to sites across the South East and Central London very quickly.

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