Kahraman Ongul

Kahraman Ongul is dedicated to the long term sustainability of the AWGroup with a specific focus on AWRail.

Since starting his career in the rail sector, Kahraman has worked on some of the UK’s largest rail infrastructure projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the upgrade of all Southeastern stations. He has also worked extensively in civil engineering construction.

Kahraman takes primary responsibility for ensuring AWGroup meets all the required HSQE standards. He also sits on the Southern Shields DC Isolation Steering Committee, which establishes best practice and seeks to raise health and safety standards across the industry.

Jason Stokes

Jason joined AWGroup in 2014 and oversees our programme operations and sourcing of staff and materials.

After completion of an electrical engineering course, Jason gained valuable experience in a variety of roles within the rail and general construction industries. He began supporting our office staff during quieter periods where his extensive on-site experience was put to good use allocating the best teams to each job.

Although he is now office-based, Jason continues to work regularly on site within safety critical roles. This insight ensures we can select the best teams for each job and helps us keep on top of changes within the industry.

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