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It’s a delightfully sunny day down here at AW Group HQ . The birds are singing and the first of the Spring flowers are showing through, the brook is babbling, and the birds are singing.

And, so we come to the AW Group Ecology Project!

We’re very lucky to have this little bit of natural habitat on our doorstep, so much so, that we are reaching out to any local schools, colleges or universities that might like to engage with us on a little sustainability, ecology, biodiversity project.

The stream (which we believe forms part of the Pent, an ancient water course)  runs the whole length of the site adjacent to a footpath (communal) which people do use as it connects another footpath running alongside the A20.

We would like to assign some of our team to do a litter pick as a lot of rubbish gets blown over the estate onto this bit of land from neighbouring units and estates.

Once this has been done, inline with any guidelines and with hopefully the intervention of some students then a long term plan be put in place for the management and improvement.

We’d really like to be able to see the stream from the grassed area which we do use in the summer, at the moment you’d never know that this was there.

We have some trees which we are having nesting boxes for various species being installed – made from recycled timber from our projects.

If you have students studying any of the above then do please get in touch with us for further details.

Despite many phone calls and emails locally we’ve not had any replies as of yet! Please spread this around as we’d very much like to get this project started ASAP.

AW Group Ecology Project Stream

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