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Project Type EV Charge Points
Client Flo Investments
Completion Date 28/06/2022
Project Size 32A Dual Fast Charger


AW Construction were tasked with installing a fast-charging unit for the introduction of electric vehicles to our company fleet.

We commissioned an extra two parking bays specifically allocated to electric vehicles at the end of our building. Our fleet of vehicles comprises of both vans and cars and therefore we went for the largest capacity charger we could comfortably fit into our existing infrastructure.

With cars charging at a faster rate than vans and other commercial vehicles (currently as of May 2022) the decision to add the fast charge facility was commercially driven as well as time driven.

Our electric cars are used by Project Managers and Surveyors and therefore accumulate a lot of miles during the working week.

The growing number of electric vehicles within the AW fleet means that we will be adding more charging points over the course of the next 12 months as well as adding provision for the charging of electric plant when this arrives.

We have further installed other EV charge points at Directors homes for convenience of charging at home, as we operate a hybrid working environment.

EV Chargers for home

Most of your new electric vehicle charging will be at home, so choosing a company with the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation is essential.

We can help you choose the correct charging installation for you from a range of high-quality manufacturers. We’ll perform a complete installation, and even support you to access the government-funded OLEV grants.

EV Chargers for work

Whether it’s for commercial electric vehicles or private staff cars, we are here to help you find the right EV charging solution for your business or commercial venture.

We only ever provide the most cost-effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business. In addition, the smart charge points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees or organisation. Should you require larger commercial charging stations to be sited at a shopping centre or motorway services station, we are able to provide digital reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Again, we are able to offer support should you be funding your EV project through the governments OLEV grant scheme.

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