rayleigh culverts
Rayleigh Culverts
Rayleigh Culverts
Rayleigh Culverts
Rayleigh Culverts
Rayleigh Culverts


Project Type Culvert Repairs
Client Client
Completion Date 01/07/2022
Project Size Culverts
Project Manager Rail Team


AW Rail assisted in the grading off and laying of 700m length of track matting through a farmer’s field (recently cultivated and hit by some intense rain) to enable an access to the culvert entrance.

AW Rail had the job of installing temporary works in a confined space to provide enough support to the culvert to be able to cut, remove, breakout and tooth brickwork as required.

Our team  have successfully and safely prepared one of two piles for reinstatement with our welding specialists assisting in cutting of the steel with their specialist training and equipment.

Whilst we were actively cutting, they would use an air fed mask and every morning upon entry our Site Supervisor conducts a gas test and will carefully monitor it during the day and perform a final assessment upon leaving the culvert.

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