AW Rail Solar Panel Maintenance Before
AW Rail Finsbury Park Wall Complete
AW Rail Finsbury Park Wall Complete
AW Rail Solar Panel Maintenance
AW Rail Finsbury Park Wall Rebuild - After
AW Rail Finsbury Park Wall Rebuild - before


Project Type Solar Panel Maintenance
Client Client
Completion Date 08/07/2022
Project Size 240 sqm Solar Panels
Project Manager Sam Sharpe


AW Rail – having completed several projects in and around stations and other lineside buildings cleaning and maintaining solar PV we were ideally placed when one of our clients asked if we could provide the same services to some solar panels on top of a school roof.

At the survey stage it was determined that several panels had damage and that the most cost-effective solution was to disconnect these from the array, clean the remaining functioning panels and reinstate the system.

Scope of works included:

  • Disconnection of the broken panels from the DC circuits.
  • Installation of new DC cable to by-pass the broken panels.
  • Connection of the new DC cable and established a full circuit.
  • All six strings now balanced.
  • Re-energised the PV system.
  • All panels cleaned (apart from the six broken ones).


All works completed on time and within budget overseen by our Project Manager Sam Sharpe. We receive a number of requests for this type of service as well as being asked to quote for the installation of solar PV solutions for power and light on stations, depots and remote trackside buildings (substations, switching units, environmental monitoring stations) – please do get in touch and see how we can help.

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