Victoria Station Living Wall Project
Victoria Station Living Wall Project
Victoria Station Living Wall Project


Project Type Steel Construction
Client B&M McHugh
Completion Date 01/09/2020
Project Size 50 Metre Wall
Project Manager Our Team


Victoria Station – Living Wall Project

AW Group were appointed by B&M McHugh to give the concourse at London Victoria Train Station a re-vamp by way of a bespoke, living moss ticket wall that not only provided a sightly point of attraction but also a new lease of life for the passengers, staff and workers that pass through the bustling station day-to-day. Who knew what a colourful curved wall could do for the normal London commuter?!

The involvement on this project from a commercial perspective required a particular set of management skills, liaising with multiple contractors, operatives, and suppliers (including overseas) required the organisation and planning to be nothing but precise from the AW Construction and AW Rail teams.

Works comprised of – off site fabrication of structural steelwork, this formed the foundation of a new curved stud wall which would eventually house new living moss panels and bespoke designed timber cladding. Each member of steel was resin anchored to the floor at suitable intervals, leaving voids for timber joist uprights to be installed at staggered points, to allow 6mm plywood to be manipulated and form the desired curve.

Once the first elements of carpentry were complete, it left way for the initial electrical connections to be installed which later would be wired up to off-site fabricated flat lettering, working to the clients preferred design that read ‘LONDON VICTORIA’.

Upon completion of first fix elements and decorations, then became the fun part of installing the living moss panels to the upper section of the newly installed curved wall, working to a particular design that resulted in a beautiful wave-like pattern, showing multiple colours and shapes when complete. To the lower section of the curved wall left space for bespoke, European timber cladding to be installed.

The final stages of the project were to install more off-site fabricated steelwork, but this time 3D box lettering that read ‘TICKETS’ to the top of the new wall, this allowed passengers to know where the ticket machines are but also did not remove any of the aesthetic appeal given off from the new living moss wall.

We revisited the site a year later and it was looking as good as the day we handed over the project. From those that have travelled through Victoria we have received some great compliments on how the living wall looks.

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