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At AW Rail we are proud of the part we play in keeping the nations rail infrastructure maintained and safe, along with the myriad of other companies up and down the length of the UK.

For all those that had a hand in constructing the new Elizabeth Line we salute you – what a fabulous achievement. Our teams here at AW Rail played a small part in addressing some general station maintenance at Abbey Wood for a valued client comprising:

  • Painting – Steel and other parts
    Paving works
    Pest Control
    Electrical safety checks & works
    ACO Drainage
    Tarmac works
    High level crane works to remove/install glass panel
    Construction of a temporary hoardings

For all those travelling on the Elizabeth Line over the next few days in the run up to the Jubilee Celebrations and beyond then we’d love to hear from you. A photo or two of this fabulous piece of rail construction would be very well received.

In whatever way you might be celebrating the Queen’s 70th year at the helm, the first ever British Monarch to reach this impressive milestone, have fun but spare a thought for all the people across the UK having to work to make your celebrations go with a swing, we have teams from AW Rail out across the network for several clients.

From all of us here at AW Rail we wish Her Majesty a wonderful few days of celebrations alongside the rest of the nation.

God Save The Queen!


AW Rail Services have been delivering rail projects for several years right across the Rail &  Construction sector.

Our extensive rail experience of sum 120years, combining decades of hands-on knowledge, providing building enhancements and maintenance solutions, improving infrastructure for passengers and operators, delivering major projects, and fulfilling long-term maintenance contracts really sets us apart.

Our services are varied from structural maintenance on tunnels, bridges, foot crossings, signal gantries, to station refurbishment, platform enhancements, civils works on and around the track, the mechanism management of lineside vegetation and further afield, painting of all types of structures and lastly but perhaps most importantly the provision of rail labour, not only supporting the projects we carry out for our projects but for the provision of labour to other clients.


We have a great team here at AW Group – meet a few of them that help contribute to this News section.

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