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This week began the trial of an Electric Van via the local Kent REVS trial scheme. As AW Construction is a company that works across the UK throughout the year we are always looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint as we transition from job to job.

Whist the mileage range of electric vans is limited compared to that of cars, we are embracing this trial on local projects, collecting higher value items, like tools, form local suppliers, delivering project files to site, surveying opportunities within a 40 mile radius of our offices in Folkestone and more. The van we have on trial is small and compact, pleasant to drive and is going to make an interesting test case for our future considerations of switching to EV’s or more fuel efficient traditional diesel vehicles.

Luckily, as we have staff that have electric cars, we had already installed a large charging station on site here in Folkestone. The slight draw back is that vans seem to also take significantly longer to charge than cars. Planning journeys is now something of an art as well, when we have been away from the office finding locations with EV charging points that are available, or even working has become a bit of a challenge. As a company we have been surprised at the lack of infrastructure available, especially when visiting larger places like Canterbury.

Any business or organisation here in Kent can take part in the scheme, a trial of up to two months is available and there are several different styles of vans up for grabs – details can be found on the Low Carbon Kent website. Strongly suggest that you sign up before the scheme closes at the end of 2022. Please contact us for any questions that you may have about the scheme as well.

From the Kent REVS Website:

“Join over 130 businesses in Kent that have already trialed an electric van (EV) and are demonstrating their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Kent County Council have successfully secured £1.5 million if Highways England Funding for an innovative electric van scheme.’Kent REVS Up for Cleaner Air’ is an electric van (EV) trial scheme run by Kent County Council, providing businesses with the opportunity to try an electric van. The aim is that organisations would see the benefits and ease of owning and running an EV. The project contributes to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 for the county, a key aspiration of the Kent & Medway Energy and Low Emissions Strategy.

There are 39 vans currently available to trial for free, for up to 2 months, with a further 9 vans due to be delivered in 2022. The scheme is available to businesses, charities and public sector organisations in Kent and Medway who wish to try before they buy.

Benefits of an electric van

Sustainability is a key consideration for consumers, switching your work vehicle to an EV and demonstrating your business’ values will also:

  • save money on fuel and maintenance
  • reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in the communities you serve
  • get ahead of the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030

With Kent REVS, businesses have experienced for themselves what it would be like to own an EV. We have received positive feedback so far, with over 20 businesses already switching to or committed to a future purchase or lease.”

AW Construction is a company with a proven track record of dependability, ingenuity, and commitment, delivering quality projects and services to the commercial construction sector throughout the UK – on time and on budget.

Our client base is varied, from well-established property management companies, to independent retailers, to National Chains found on the UK’s High Street, including the likes of Savills, Landsec, McArthur Glen, Lidl,  M&S, Smile Direct and more. Whether you have one store or multiple sites across the UK we have the capacity to be able to meet your requirements.

Delivering projects to the highest standards working within a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, leisure, office, and banking we have a wealth of experience in operating across the UK with a directly employed workforce.


We have a great team here at AW Group – meet a few of them that help contribute to this News section.

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