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We had our first collection of timber destined for repurpose/re-use today from Woodpeckers of Kent. Where possible we look to recycle or repurpose material here at AW Group into upcoming projects, but with the volume of waste we produce from site we are looking at sustainable alternatives.

Working with Erik Uebel from Woodpeckers will ensure that our waste is reused in the most environmentally beneficial way and will help Erik create jobs for local people, producing items for sale, repurposing timber into other ventures and community projects.

Erik attended our yard today aided by his colleague Matthew who help load the vehicle in no time at all, we also learnt some valuable sign language from Matthew who is deaf, for future collections and how to give him direction and safety tips, thank you Matthew.

We hope that this is the start of a long and engaging partnership with Woodpeckers of Kent alongside other community recycling companies that we will look to use in future collecting materials directly from the sites we work on across the country.

About  Woodpeckers of Kent & Community Wood Recycling:

In a year that saw Community Wood Recycling celebrate our 20th birthday, I remain as inspired as ever by the work carried out by our members up and down the country. We are a network of 32 independent enterprises, and the areas we serve range from inner cities facing the challenge of urban decline to rural communities where deprivation is often hidden.

We are united by a desire to do everything we can to save precious resources while making life better for people who have been excluded from the workplace. Our service is based on the principles of the circular economy; by reusing wood we are building a more sustainable society, and we promote community reuse, one of the most powerful tools available to fight waste.

We work with local people, bringing men and women who are marginalised into a supportive workplace. They become part of our team and gain training and work experience as well as a sense of pride, and we see them flourish.

When I visit enterprises and meet people who have moved from social isolation, loneliness and lack of confidence to paid work, shared achievements and the sense of camaraderie that comes from working together to help the environment, I am inspired by what we have achieved.

The support we have from our business partners is crucial in allowing us to carry out our mission. I would like to thank everyone who has worked with us, and I look forward to our partnership developing over the next year.


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