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Those who attended the recent Kent Construction EXPO hopefully came across the stand for Kent Association For The Blind, if you were standing in the lunch queue it was hard to miss “Iris”.

Working in the construction industry we instill upon our workforce the importance of wearing PPE, particularly the use of goggles or safety glasses. Protecting our workforce’s vision from dust, falling objects, wood splinters and more is paramount to ensuring site safety and zero incidents.

It was whilst chatting with staff from KAB it became apparent that some of the people that they are assisting with their programs to help with the prevention of avoidable sight loss, assisting with devices and machinery to help those that are losing sight and wider programmes of health care, have worked in the industry for decades. Prior to more stringent health and safety legislation coming in and the easy access to eye tests today.

After hearing of the work that Kent Association for the Blind do, we felt that a donation to help them further their programmes of education, assistance and equipping their mobile education facility “Iris” would go some way to supporting this.

“Iris and its staff and volunteers provide help and advice to existing clients with a sight impairment, new clients, and the general public. Iris will also raise awareness of the importance of good eye health, including having regular eye tests. We hope that more people will learn about our work, particularly carers, professionals and people who are sight impaired.”

We look forward to working with KAB in the future and helping with their programmes of education, so here we are handing over our donation in “Iris”.

Thanks to Nicola WoodSue Piper and all the staff and volunteers from KAB.

Kent Association For The Blind
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