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Across the AW Group we are always looking at ways to engage with local community organisations based here in and around Folkestone. The various projects that get completed across AW Rail often produce waste material that could benefit these organisations.

Rather than see this go to specialist waste recycling stations we always look at how we can recycle or upcycle these waste streams either back into our projects or to the wider local community. After speaking with the amazing team at The Shed, based here in Folkestone we were able to help them out with the provision of non-reuse pallets for making raised beds and composting facilities, reusing tonne bags to line the same, and timber taken from refurbishment projects to make further items for use within the charity. Old drainage piping can be made into any size of plant pot!

Given their location, in the shadow of the rail viaduct on Bradstone Avenue (and something we at AW Rail have worked on previously), we thought this was a great opportunity to help.

“The Shed Urban Wilderness is a community project based in Folkestone, Kent, operated by registered charity Folkestone Youth Project.

They aim to create a space where both nature and people can coexist, working to transform a disused former plot of Network Rail land, into a pleasant, ecologically-sound community space.

In addition to their day-to-day work with young people, on Thursday mornings the site is open to everyone in the local community.”

We look forward to working collaboratively with Ruth and her team over the coming months. And for the gardeners amongst our readers Basil (plus other stronger smelling herbs) makes an effective snail/slug deterrent for your veg and flower bed seedlings – they don’t like the smell!

If you would like to know more about The Shed and how you could possibly get involved with this community project visit their website here: https://www.originalshed.org.uk/

AW Rail - The Shed Community Project

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