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Working on a construction site throws up numerous hazards throughout the working day, mitigating those hazards and the affects it can have on our operatives will always be our top priority.

We’re proud of the teams we have working for us here at AW Construction and we recently conducted some talks on wearing the proper type of mask for varying scenarios, as well as undergoing some Face Fit mask tests to update our company training matrix.

These collaborations with our teams also gives us the opportunity to hear from them on what works best in differing scenarios and allows us to procure the right equipment for the job.

With many new starters to our teams, it further promotes safe working habits and gives them a better understanding of protecting themselves within the construction site.

For those that have done a face fit mask test, we’re sure you’ll appreciate that correctly done exposure to that delightfully tasting spray when you break the mask seal from around your face is always welcomed and proves the correct fitment and how well it can protect you!

Thanks to all the teams for actively taking part, to Dan Jones our authorized mask fit trainer and a special thanks to Joe & Callum for being our “test subjects” for the day.

AW Construction Face Fit Mask Instruction Talk

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