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This week we start a project within the Three Bridges Signalling Centre which controls a large part of the railway across Sussex, Surrey, and the control of the railway from London Victoria and London Bridge Stations. This Rail Operating Centre (ROC) is one of the most important places on the rail map in the southeast ensuring trains travel safely and efficiently along this part of the line.

Managing the signals on the network to control both passenger and freight journeys as well as playing a crucial part in the safety of maintenance operatives out on track.

Our team is refurbishing one of the mess rooms within the centre and undertaking a number of specialist works, strip out all existing FFE, ceilings and exisitng kitchen:

  • Strip out of the floor using  specialist works as contains Asbestos
    Full decorations and furniture replacement
    New wall mounted AC units
    Full electrical upgrade, including emergency lighting, dado, USB sockets/ data points and new led ceiling lights
    New ceiling tiles
    New flooring

The works are scheduled to take approx. 3 weeks and we are looking forward to bringing you pictures of the completed mess room facility. Here at AW Rail, we have specialist teams available to complete all types of station and rail building refurbishment and maintenance – please do contact any of the staff here at AW Rail for further details.

AW Rail Three Bridges Signalling Centre

AW Rail Services have been delivering rail projects for several years right across the Rail &  Construction sector.

Our extensive rail experience of over  120 years, combining decades of hands-on knowledge, providing building enhancements and maintenance solutions, improving infrastructure for passengers and operators, delivering major projects, and fulfilling long-term maintenance contracts really sets us apart.

Our services are varied from structural maintenance on tunnels, bridges, foot crossings, signal gantries, to station refurbishment, platform enhancements, civils works on and around the track, the mechanism management of lineside vegetation and further afield, painting of all types of structures and lastly but perhaps most importantly the provision of rail labour, not only supporting the projects we carry out for our projects but for the provision of labour to other clients.


We have a great team here at AW Group – meet a few of them that help contribute to this News section.

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