Southborough Viaduct Project
Southborough Viaduct Project
Southborough Viaduct Project
Southborough Viaduct Project
Southborough Viaduct Project
Southborough Viaduct Project
AW Rail Southborough Winter
AW Rail Southborough Winter Works
Southborough Viaduct Project


Project Viaduct Arch Repairs
Client CML
Completion Date Ongoing
Project Manager Anthony Buckley


The teams from AW Rail continue with their repairs and works to Southborough Viaduct, a large Grade II listed structure nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside for our valued client CML.

Since works commenced earlier this year, we have gradually made our way across 4 out of the 8 arches that we have been contracted to work on, the whole viaduct span comprises of 26 red brick arches of varying sizes.

Some of the works so far:

Weather Struck pointing
Fracture Repairs
Pinning & Grouting
Pattress Plate Repairs
Guttering Repairs
Vegetation Removal

Now that the large 4 lift scaffolding stretches through the arches from both sides of the span we are making good progress on the repairs to the underneath, at over 10 metres in height we are also carrying out a vigorous programme of working at height briefings with our operatives to ensure everyone on site remains safe. Works are also being carried out on a live site, with trains passing at speed on a regular basis.

Given the remoteness of the location and access constraints, delivery of materials, welfare facilities, generators for power and more have been carefully planned to avoid as much disruption to neighbouring properties and stakeholders.

The viaduct itself has a colourful past, opening in 1845 the construction wasn’t without incident, with six of the arches collapsing at one end. A design change from single to double track also meant that several alterations were made almost at the completion of the single-track span. Extensions to the piers and arches were undertaken taking the width to 8.5 metres, the highest arch measures some 12 metres and the entire structure covers 246 metres across the valley.

Project Updates can be seen below:

  • Working with AW Rail Services Ltd has been a pleasure. Their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail have made significant impact on the successful delivery of our projects. They consistently deliver high quality work on time and within budget, and their commitment to safety is commendable.

    Project Director - CML
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