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Along with many other businesses based here and around Folkestone we were delighted to take part in the inaugural event for “Upcycle Your Waste” and seeing how we could play a part in Kent’s Circular Economy.

The aim of the event was to see how businesses could collaborate with one another and come up with solutions to help each other, not only repurpose waste from their own business but perhaps use waste for another.

There was a diverse range of people from a wide range of sectors, construction, hospitality, schools, local artists and more. These events are free to attend and the next one will be based in Canterbury at Fruitworks Coworking on 24th November – please do come along and find out more!

If you want to know more then do drop us a message or contact the team at Low Carbon Kent. Rob Robinson Ellen Durling Richard Izzard Martin White

The objective of Upcycle Your Waste is to accelerate the adoption of circular business cases by SMEs that transform waste flows into resources at local level. We aim to achieve this by developing and introducing knowledge, tools and facilities that enable SMEs and local authorities to make this transition.

The overall result of the project is an increased adoption of circular business cases by SMEs in the partner areas, quantified as:

  • 360 SMEs adopting circular business cases
  • 20% of the pre-existing waste stream being upcycled on a structural basis.

Additionally, the project will lead to an improved capacity of local authorities, business district managers and SMEs in other parts of the 2 Seas region to introduce circular business practices, through our capacity building and dissemination and transfer activities.

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