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British Science Week 2023 – We were delighted to be asked to attend a local primary school in Shephersdwell to talk about this year’s British Science Week theme of “Connections” – the connection between human actions, climate change and how construction and building materials connect.

The school asked us to speak about some of the recycling initiatives we have established here at AW Group, how we handle our waste timber/wood that is a result of construction and rail projects. It was encouraging to hear from pupils from reception class up how they already know so much about recycling and how they embrace working together collaboratively to come up with ideas.

Our talk was particularly relevant as we had recently completed works via AW Rail at Shephersdswell railway station – with the pupils all knowing the bridge very well they were intrigued as to how we had made these repairs. Some of the timber that we used on this site went to Woodpeckers of Kent, as part of our community wood recycling scheme, who made the school several nesting boxes for their Forest School Garden.

This also gave us the opportunity to explain how Erik at Woodpeckers engages with his local community, making “connections”, to provide people from marginalised groups opportunities to volunteer at his wood recycling operation and gain valuable life skills.

A great day out with an enthusiastic audience, we look forward to engaging with more local schools during 2023.

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